Made4keepsake was established in 2012 by Leanne Carr following the arrival of her son Maxwell.  Back in 2007 Leanne graduated from UCE with a BA (hons) in fashion design.  She then spent 8 years working with in the fashion industry designing for various companies from corporate to children’s wear before setting up Made4keepsake. With her extent knowledge of design and quirky eye for unique and different décor she decided to start making and creating things for her Baby’s nursery.  When her son had out grown his first set of Baby grows Leanne couldn’t bear the thought of them being stored away so she decided to chop them up and create her first keepsake bear. After the success of sharing the bear and prints on social media Leanne decided to start Made4keepsake and was soon receiving orders for both bears and prints. The range then extended to other keepsakes such as keepsake boxes and photo albums that were designed and created by the inspiration of her son.  Now Leanne is a mother of 2 and consistently draws inspirations from both her son and daughter. All her makes and designs all start with the inspiration of her children. A keepsake is a memory of time that lives in our heart forever.......Cherish each moment....


Treasure each moment



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